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The Fall Season is our development baseball season.

We will begin the Fall Season in August with games continuing through the first week of October.  Teams will be formed the week prior to the first week of Fall Ball.  Teams are created to maximize "fun" - allowing friends to play on the same team or for parents to select coaches they prefer. There is no player assessment or "draft" if Fall Ball. As such, players can "play up" in order to test their skills or "play down" in order to gain confidence in their skills. While kid-pitch division teams typically keep score during the game, wins or losses don't matter, there are no division standings, and no season ending tournament or trophies. The objective of Fall Ball is to have fun playing baseball and to develop skills. Coaches are encouraged to allow all players to experience different playing positions including pitcher, catcher, and first base (positions that are often more restricted during our Spring Season).



Tee Ball - this program includes one weeknight practice and one game on Saturday mornings. It offers our youngest ball players (typically age 4-5) an opportunity to learn the basics of the game.

Machine Pitch - this program is for players aged 5-7 that are new to baseball. The program does not keep score or track wins/losses. We focus on the basic skills of throwing, catching, and hitting a baseball. It includes one weeknight practice, one weeknight game, and one game on Saturdays.

A Division - this is the entry level "modified kid pitch" program. Players entering A should be able to defend themselves from a thrown ball. It is a full baseball game - outs are recorded and score is kept. It is a "no walks" game where a player pitches until four balls are thrown to a batter. A coach then pitches to resolve the at bat. Players are typically aged between 7-8 years old.

AA Division - this is the entry level full "kid pitch" program. Players entering AA should be able to generally catch a thrown ball. It is a full baseball game - outs are recorded and score is kept. Players are typically aged between 7-10 years old.

AAA Division - this is the transitional level program that precedes the "elite" level of our Majors. Pitching distance is the same as our Majors Division and most of the same rules apply. It is designed for players that are ready to play at a more competitive level, but are not yet prepared for the speed of the Majors game level. Players are typically aged between 9-11 years old.

Majors Division - this is the elite level program that plays by the full Little League rules. It is designed for the players that are ready to play a full competitive game. Players are typically aged between 10-12 years old.

Intermediate Division - the Intermediate Division uses a pitching distance that is longer than in the Majors Division (50' instead of 46') and base paths that are longer (70' instead of 60'). The Intermediate Division permits lead-offs and so also includes balks by the pitcher. ANY PLAYER AGED 11-14 CAN REGISTER in the Intermediate Division.

Junior / Senior Division - the Junior / Senior Division uses a field configuration that is the same as high school baseball (60' pitching distance  90' base paths). The Junior / Senior Division is for ANY PLAYER AGED 13-16.


Registration for Fall will open by July 15.
Practices will begin mid Aug.
Games will begin late Aug or first week of Sep.
Last game will be first week of Oct.

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