Revised 2020 Season Plan

Little League International has requested that all Leagues suspend all baseball activities until at least May 11. Assuming that activities resume in May, there is expectation that they would still hold the international Little League All Star tournament that starts in early July.

Our 2020 Spring Season was scheduled to begin practices the week of Mar 9 with our first games on Apr 11. The final season day was set for Jun 13. This schedule was designed to accommodate approximately 18 games for AA and above divisions, approximately 14 games for coach pitch and A Divisions, and approximately 9 games for tee ball.

The following plans are an attempt to create equitable value for your recreational baseball investment. Further, we created an incentive for you if you are able to avoid a refund and save us the considerable administrative efforts required to accomplish those.  That said, DO NOT hesitate to withdraw and request a refund if that option is what is needed!


We will create a full featured season that starts in mid-to-late July and completes at the end of September.  We are going to call this the 2020 Summer Season. This season will be like our normal Spring season, complete with designed team parity, standings, and an end of season tournament to crown divisional champions in each of our kid-pitch divisions. The uniforms that we were preparing for our Spring season will be used for the 2020 Summer Season, our sponsors will receive all the advertising elements during that season, and we will have an end of season "parade of teams" as well as our normal trophies and awards. The price for this 2020 Summer Season will be identical to the pricing established for the 2020 Spring Season.  Teams will play approximately the same number of games as expected in the Spring Season. Additionally, we will schedule our normal in-season activities such as Picture Day during this season.


If we are able to resume baseball activities in May, we will create a Mini Spring Season that will run from mid May to the end of June. This will be a shortened season that will NOT have an end of season tournament. We will form teams and have competitive games. Uniforms will likely be numbers only t-shirts. We will use the "wear your favorite hat" approach during the Mini Spring Season instead of a new hat distribution. Our goal will be to get as many kids as possible out playing baseball as soon as we can, all while keeping the costs down. We will additionally prepare our League for the All Star tournament. The fees for this season will be very low and we will keep this season on a tight budget.


Here are your options regarding your current fully or partially paid 2020 Spring Season registration:

1)  The 2020 Summer Season sounds like it will work for you. You would like to leave your fees in the program and have your registration automatically created for the 2020 Summer Season.  If you choose this option, you will get the Mini Spring Season (if we have it) FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST. In this case, you need to do NOTHING. Please do NOT email me as I will be dealing with those that want / need refunds.

2)  The 2020 Summer Season will not work for you and/or you require your paid fees to be reimbursed at this time. In this case, CLICK HERE to submit your desire to withdraw. Your registration in the current 2020 Spring Season will be canceled and we will mail you a refund check or submit refund via PayPal. Unfortunately, due to system limitations, we will NOT be able to simply apply the refund to your credit card. I am sorry about that. Further, and because of this limitation, refund check / PayPal fund distribution will require a LOT of manual effort. So please be patient as we execute the refunds. (NOTE: If the link fails to open an email application, please just send the information to [email protected] and indicate REFUND REQUEST in the Subject line.)

Refunds will be issued about once per week.  Once a refund is issued (via PayPay or via check in the mail), the registration will be canceled. You will receive notice of the cancellation via an automated email from the website. When you receive that email, you will know that the refund has been issued. If you don't receive your check, or don't see the PayPal distribution, within a couple of days - please contact me for follow-up.

Q & A:

Q:  I want to play in the 2020 Spring Season. What should I do?
A:  We ONLY need to hear from you if you plan to withdraw and want a refund.  A non-reply will mean that we will automatically register you in the 2020 Summer Season. Please do NOT email me indicating you want to play in the 2020 Summer Season as it will merely add to the emails and I may make a mistake and accidentally withdraw you.

Q:  I don't want to / can't play in the 2020 Spring Season. What should I do?
A:  To withdraw and request a refund, CLICK HERE to submit your request.  Please indicate 1) Player Name; 2) Player Division; 3) Preference for CHECK or PayPal refund; 4) PayPal account information, if you want a PayPal issued refund.

Q:  When I registered, I paid one or more $3 processing charges. Will these also be refunded?
A:  KCLL is only able to refund the registration fees and is NOT able to refund any of the transaction charges paid to SportsConnect.

Q: What if I only want to play in Mini Spring Season (and NOT play the 2020 Summer Season)?
A: Please submit your request to withdraw and refund. You will be able to register for the Mini Spring Season as soon as we confirm it will be played. There will be a fee for that season (which is waived if you choose not to withdraw and play in the 2020 Summer Season).

Q: What do we need to do to participate in All Stars?
A:  You MUST play in the Mini Spring Season (assuming we have it) to be eligible for All Stars. You do NOT have to play in the 2020 Summer Season.  All Star teams will be selected from all the Mini Spring Season registrants.

Q:  What is the timeline for issuing refunds? How quickly can I expect my refund?
A:  We will try very hard to get your refund to you within 2 weeks of your request. Unfortunately, we will not be able to credit back to any credit card used. We will issue refunds by check or through PayPal. This will be a manual process that will including finding your registration and amount paid and then communicating that information to our Treasurer. So, it will take a little time to complete.

Q:  Can I pick up a check in order to get it more quickly?
A:  You may be able to make arrangements for a check pick-up in certain cases. If this is desired, make your request in the email requesting withdraw and refund.

Q:  When will we know about the Mini Spring Season and what are the anticipated dates of the season?
A:  We hope to make a go / no go decision on the Mini Spring Season by the last week of April. We would rapidly process registration for the season, form teams, and start practices the week of May 11. First games would be May 16 with last games on Jun 27. Teams may play as many as 3 games in a week with upper divisions possibly playing double headers.

Q:  Do you know what the registration feels for the Mini Spring Season will be?
A:  We will try to keep all the kid pitch divisions near $100. Lower divisions will be under $50. This WILL be a "low budget" season where uniforms are likely to just be t-shirts. There will not be any uniform hat distributed. The total number of games played will be near 8-12 games. There will be no awards or trophies - just baseball games and practices.

Q:  What if I really need the refund but I do still plan to play come the 2020 Summer Season?
A;  Please submit your request to withdraw and refund. Then, as the 2020 Summer Season approaches, there will be an opportunity to register for the season. Let me know of your intentions in your email so that we can keep tabs on how many players to expect.

Q:  Will we have enough players in a Summer Season to play a schedule similar to our Spring Season?
A;  The 2020 Summer Season is slightly longer than our normal Fall Ball - and it covers a similar calendar range. We typically have 60% of our Spring registration numbers in the Fall. Given the unique circumstances, we are predicting 2/3's to 3/4's of our Spring registration will play in the 2020 Summer Season.  Only time will tell for sure.

Q:  Can I request a refund later?  Or is this a "must do it now" opportunity and decision?
A:  You can request a refund at any time. So if you plan to play in the 2020 Summer Season now but in a couple of months determine that you will not be able to play, you can withdraw and still get a full refund.

More questions?  Please contact Tom Newman at (303) 619-9810 or [email protected]

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