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Meeting Minutes - Volunteer Support Still Needed


Notes from Board of Directors / Volunteer Meeting - Nov 5


Ken-Caryl Little League held an open Board of Directors and leadership meeting on Nov 5 from 7:00-9:00p at the meeting center of the Ranch House.


The presentation supporting the meeting is posted here (link to be created soon).

We still have volunteer needs. Please feel free to call, text, or email me if you would like to participate.


The following leaders have been identified:

President - Tom Newman

Vice President - Jason Novotny

Secretary - Ginny Newman

Treasurer - Anna Gonce

Player Agent - Mike Smith

Coach Agent - Ron Schoon

Operations - Seth Gregory

Business Development - Open

Marketing - Marc Marin

Safety Officer - Open

Events - Open

Skill Program Development - Mike Smith

Umpire-in-Chief - Tom P Newman

KCTT Liaison - J.B. Gregory


Other key leadership roles include:


Camps & Clinics -Wayne Faber

Pitching Skills Coordinator - Mike Smith

Hitting Skills Coordinator - Open

Fielding Skills Coordinator - Seth Gregory

Game Tactics Skills Coordinator - Jason Novotny

Little League Interleague - Ron Schoon

Schools Liaison - Ginny Newman

Scheduling Manager - Patty Larmore

Sponsorships - Open


Thank you for your support of Ken-Caryl Little League.


Tom Newman

President, Ken-Caryl Little League

(303) 619-9810


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KCLL Programs: Overview
KCLL has entered the realm of year-round baseball.   And,...
KCLL Leadership Overview
I'd like to describe some of the new direction we will be taking....
Coach & Player Development Program
When we talk about developing players, the most fundamental piece...
Board of Directors and Leadership Roles
Board of Directors and Other Leadership Roles   President Direct...
Considering Your 2015 Baseball Options?
   Considering Your 2015 Baseball Options It's...
KCTT: What does it take?
The following information was provided by one of the current KCTT...
District Tournament Results
JULY 13 The KCLL Majors All-Stars lost a heartbreaker 11-10 to...
KC Tournament Teams Start Season Strong
Ken-Caryl Little League wishes to give a big "Hum Babe!"...
The Science of Little League
Being a Little Leaguer is not easy. The science proves it.  So...
KCLL Programs: Overview

KCLL has entered the realm of year-round baseball.


And, with our partnership with the Ken-Caryl Tournament Team organization, we additionally offer even MORE baseball options.


That said - it can become confusing - especially as we look at the programs available for this winter.  Below should help you sort it out.....




Extra Innings Winter Baseball Hitting League

This is a hitting only, team versus team hitting program offered BY AND THROUGH Extra Innings. This is NOT a KCLL program - but if you mention KCLL when you register, Extra Innings will provide us a referral credit. A team of three players will each hit a certain number of pitches. Each hit earns the team points. Points are tallied upon game completion to declare a winner. Champions are crowned at the end of the program. This a GREAT program to get lots of additional hitting in!!  Registration is open through October 29 - so register NOW!

Program dates:

Ages 7-8  Monday Nights  Nov 3, 10, 17,  & Dec 1, 8, 15
Ages 9-10 Tuesday Nights Nov 4, 11, 18, & Dec 2, 9, 16
Ages 11-13  Wednesday Nights Nov 5, 12, 19  & Dec 3, 10, 17

Program Cost:

Individual Cost $100  

Team (3 players) $270

To Register:


KCLL Winter Baseball Program

This is the Ken-Caryl Little League member program that includes 8 two-hour indoor clinics (one per week) over the winter months. Clinics include 2 hitting clinics, 2 pitching/throwing clinics, 2 fielding clinics, and 2 games (which will include some "game situation" training). These clinics are LEARNING focused and will be instructor led clinics. The program is offered through Extra Innings and each clinic will be conducted in their indoor baseball facility. Registration is open until November 23 - so REGISTER SOON!

Program dates:

Thu, Dec 4, 6-8p – Hitting

Thu, Dec 11, 6-8p – Fielding / Conditioning

Thu, Dec 18, 6-8p – Pitching / Agility

Sat, Jan 10, 4-6p – Game Day (with situational training)

Sat, Jan 17, 4-6p – Hitting

Sat, Jan 24, 4-6p – Fielding / Conditioning

Sat, Jan 31, 4-6p – Pitching / Agility

Sat, Feb 7, 4-6p – Game Day (with situational training)

Program Cost:

Individual Cost $99

To Register:






Ken-Caryl Little League Spring Baseball

This is our Spring season of Little League baseball. Every registrant will be assigned to a team. Programs run from Tee Ball for 5-6 year olds, to Coach Pitch (5-7 year olds), AA (7-8 year olds), AAA (9-10 year olds), Majors (11-12 year olds), and Seniors (13 year olds). Games are all intra league. That is, the KCLL teams all play other KCLL teams of the same age/level. Standings are recorded in order to establish seeding for an end of year tournament that is used to crown a champion at each level.

Program dates:

Practices will start in March with the games scheduled from April through June.

Program Cost:

Registration typically costs between $200-250, depending on the level.

To Register:

Registration will open in November and remain up through Februrary.


KCLL Advanced Program

Beginning this year, Ken-Caryl Little League will be adding an inter league program. That is, we will be making arrangements to play other Little League teams in Colorado. Specifics of this new program are currently being developed, including which Little League teams will participate, location and dates of games, and which ages/levels will participate. To participate, there will be additional cost, additional practices, and a try-out. The program will be designed to be as inclusive as possible (an attempt will be made to include as many participants as are interested). However, depending on the participating Little Leagues, some restrictions will certainly apply.

Program dates:

Coincident with the Spring season.

Program Cost:


To Register:

Registration will open in 2015.


Ken-Caryl Tournament Teams

The Ken-Caryl Tournament Teams (KCTT) are for players that want additional baseball experience above and different from the games offered in a KCLL season. KCTT teams play in area tournaments through organizations such as CABA, USSSA and Triple Crown. KCTT operate independent of Ken-Caryl Little League. These teams do not receive any financial or material support from KCLL.  KCLL co-operates with KCTT to co-ordinate schedules (e.g. bye weekends during the regular KCLL season) so that players may enjoy the best of both programs.

Program dates:

Coincident with the Spring season.

Program Cost:


To Register:

Registration will open in 2015.


KCLL All Star Teams

At the end of Spring KCLL season, KCLL participates in the annual All Star Tournaments administered by the National Little League Headquarters Tournament Committee out of Willaimsport PA. Tournament play starts in the Colorado District 5 All-Star Tournament in four different age groups: 9-10, 10-11, 11-12, 13s. Each age group has one team, each composed of a maximum of 14 players. In accordance with National Little League policy, teams are submitted on June 15 to the District. The District 5 tournaments begin in early July. District, State and Regional tournaments culminate with a World Series held mid August in different locations depending on the age group. The most widely known is the Little League World Series Majors Division, 11-12 year olds, televised by ESPN and ABC and held in Williamsport, PA.  You must be SELECTED to participate on the All Star teams. Selection is made based on a range of criteria, which includes attendance in practice and games during the Spring season, participation in the various KCLL/KCTT programs, skills and capabilities of the players, and attitudes/values of the players. Selection is accomplished through a KCLL committee approach. There are additional costs and practices required to participate in the All Star program and the players must be available to practice and play games in July and August.


Program dates:

Upon completion of the Spring season.

Program Cost:


To Register:

Participation is through a committee selection process.


by posted 10/22/2014
KCLL Leadership Overview

I'd like to describe some of the new direction we will be taking. Throughout, I will link to some additional information. I hope this helps answer questions. Even more, I hope it serves as a call to action and that you come to join us at the Ranch House on Wed.


Board of Directors

We had a lot of turn-over on the BOD from last year. We need a lot of new blood. The Board sets direction for the League. The League has a lot of great things going on - and to continue it, we'll need all kinds volunteer support. Please click here to see a list of Board and other leadership positions.


Coach Development

This year we are planning to create a full coach development program. We will continue to focus on Positive Coaching and the values of the two objectives. However, we will also begin a programmatic approach, level-by-level, to identify the skills we would like to focus and the methodology we will use to teach those skills. In this way, we hope to attract more coaches. If you know the game of baseball but are not sure of how to teach the skills, we will help you with that. This system approach will also help development of our ball players as they begin to hear more consistency coach-to-coach, year-after-year. Click here for more details about our development program.


Skill Groups used to be pitcher. Or maybe you used to be a solid hitter. Or maybe you had a great coach that taught things the right way. We want to create a set of Skill Groups who will develop our programmatic approach to teaching hitting, pitching, fielding, and game play (running, tactics, strategy). These skill groups will create the KCLL approach to teaching these skills and will then help all of our coaches teach those skills to our players. Click here for more details about our development program.


A Colorado Team in the Little League World Series

Beginning this year, we want to begin relationships with other Little League teams across the state. We want to slowly enlist other teams to enjoin in a grand goal: Get a Colorado team to the LLWS. No Colorado team has EVER been to the LLWS. It won't happen immediately - but if we work together - using interleague play and tournaments - we can advance the quality of our teams and we WILL get to the LLWS. To support this effort, we need people willing to pursue and develop our interleague relationships. These relationships will help our Advance Program. Click here for more details about our interleague games and rosters.


Advertising, Marketing, Fund Raising, and Sponsorships

In order to expand our message of Little League - and in order to do more for our community - we would like to make a concerted effort to raise more funds. We all want Little League to be affordable. We also want to offer as much baseball as we can - as much as you would like. And, we want to do more to help our community - whether that's through baseball field improvements, baseball equipment for disadvantaged youth, or providing community service efforts. We would like to engage local businesses and charitable organizations to expand our efforts and impact in the community. We need volunteers to see ways to expand both KCLL and its impact.


Operations Management and Execution

It takes a lot of effort to hold a set of games on a Saturday. Add to that all the practices and games throughout the week. Everyone puts in a lot of effort. To make life a little easier, we would like to develop field crews that help to regularly drag the fields, ensure the field equipment is at the field and in good repair, and even prep the fields for games. This effort will allow the coaches to focus on game preparation - making the game safer and better for everyone. This is a big effort. Like umpires, it will require vigilance throughout the season. As such, we will want a team of people to take on the efforts.  Please attend our Wed, Nov 5 meeting for more details.


by posted 10/21/2014
Coach & Player Development Program

When we talk about developing players, the most fundamental piece to GOOD instruction is having a good coach. We almost all have a story about a great teach or coach that impacted our lives. There is no doubt that really GREAT teachers and coaches have certain gifts of personality. But they also were TAUGHT how to be good teachers and coaches.


Starting in the Spring of 2015, KCLL will be launching a new approach that will provide a systematic - a more programmatic - approach to coaching and player development - and we need YOU and your skills, your experience, to make that happen.

Let's start with player development. Baseball is a simple game - but playing it is hard. Pitching, hitting, fielding are complex tasks that require coordination, timing, concentration, and consistency.

KCLL is going to develop "skills teams" - a group of people that know what it takes to execute specific skills and create a level-by-level training program on how our players will be taught these skills. There are multiple "right ways" to teach things. However, if we want to maximize our development, we need to agree that we'll all teach skills in a common "right way."  Then, coach to coach, year over year, we can add and enhance the skills - using the same basic fundamentals. Our "skills teams" will make the decisions about how we will teach those skills.

Teaching those skills is also difficult. Not many of us know how to DO all of these things well enough to perform the tasks ourselves - and now we need to TEACH these skills to players? The Skills Teams will conduct practices and teach both players and coaches how to KCLL is going to develop a skill. In this way, we not only develop our players, we also develop our coaches!


Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.....



There are many ways to teach pitching. As an umpire over the years, I've heard lots of advice - much of it good, some of it not so good. I did some research on how to teach pitching - and I decided on a particular approach. It may be good - it may be wrong - but it's what I was able discern and use.

In 2015, we are going to have have a group decide how we will teach pitching. Let's suppose they collectively adopted the approach I researched. It would then go like this.....

DESIGN: Pitching will be taught by constructing the pitching motion starting from the end of the pitch and working backwards to the beginning of th pitch.


*  Teach the final motion of a pitch - the follow-through and step - focus on balance and control through the end of the motion. Throw short distances executing only the end of the motion.

*  Teach the middle of the motion that starts with the reach back. The arm is extended behind and the back of the hand is facing the back of the head of the pitcher. Execute this motion with short throws and then combine the middle with the end using a slightly longer distance.

*  Teach the beginning of the motion that starts from a set position. Arms and legs move together to get to the middle of the pitching motion. Step and release and follow-through to get to the end of the motion.

*  Work on the finer points of the motion - step foot pointed toward the plate - throwing arm that allows the pitcher to point at the catcher through the motion - follow-through step that transfers more power to the pitch - all while keeping the pieces of the motion together.


The above would be constructed by the Skill Team for pitching and then taught to players - with instruction to the coaches on HOW to teach this construction.

Ultimately, as a player moves from AA to AAA to Majors, the player would hear the same construction of the pitching motion. Coaches to talk about individual pieces of the pitching motion without first having to explain the pieces. There is an interlocking feel to the "how to pitch" mechanics taught at AA and AAA and Majors.



We need people that know HOW to pitch, HOW to hit, HOW to field, HOW to execute "game play" (running, tactics, strategy).

We need those people to work in small groups to develop the approach and be prepared to teach players and coaches about the approach.


Did you pitch when you played?  Did you have a great hitting coach along the way?  Are a whiz with the leather and want to impart your knowledge?

We need YOU to join our Development Programs!


Contact Tom Newman for more details!


Tom Newman

President, Ken-Caryl Little League

(303) 619-9810


by posted 10/21/2014
Board of Directors and Leadership Roles

Board of Directors and Other Leadership Roles



Direct the affairs of the KCLL and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors. Organize and provide leadership for the Board.

Vice President
Assist the President in the execution of the affairs of the KCLL. Perform the duties of the President when necessary.

Record the activities of the Board of Directors and of the League including meeting minutes. Manage and file necessary business documents, applications, and documentation such as insurance forms, Little League International documentation, safety plans, and non-tax government filings.

Receive and deposit all monies and securities for the League.  Record and execute disbursement of all monies and securities for the League. Manage the League budget and finances.
Player Agent
Confirm player residence and age eligibility.  Conduct the tryouts, the player draft, and all other player transactions or selection meetings. Manage parent/player communications to the BOD, acting a representative and liaison of the players to the BOD.

Coach Agent
Confirm coaching eligibility, including background checks.  Schedule, coordinate, and conduct coach development and support programs. Ensure uniforms, equipment plans, safety training, and player skill development plans are in place. Manage coach communications to the BOD, acting a representative and liaison of the coaches to the BOD.

Oversee the scheduling, preparation, and execution of baseball programs including field preparation and use; practice and game scheduling; and equipment inventory, distribution and use.
Business Development
Investigate, coordinate, and execute funds generating efforts for the League. Provide recommendations to the BOD regarding new or revised fund generating opportunities. Source funds include baseball program fees, merchandising, fund raising, sponsorships, and advertising programs.

Create and expand the awareness of the League and its programs through online, direct, and indirect marketing efforts. Establish and maintain branding for all League materials.

Safety Officer
Develop and implement plans for increasing safety of activities, equipment, and facilities through education, compliance and reporting. 

Investigate, coordinate, and execute League related events including Opening Day, Closing Ceremonies, Day at the Rockies, and other special event programs.

Skills Program Development
Oversee the creation, expansion, improvement and implementation of training approaches to pitching, hitting, fielding, game play (running, tactics, strategy)
specific to each level (Tee Ball through Seniors).

Oversee and train the umpires. Provide rules feedback and instruction to coaches. Manage the umpire schedule to ensure qualified umpires work at each KCLL game.
Other duties where the name provides some indication of the role:

Player Camps and Clinics

Commissioner - Majors

Commissioner - AAA

Commissioner - AA

Commissioner - Farm / Rookie
Commissioner - Advanced Program (for Little League Interleague play)

Pitching Skills Coordinator

Hitting Skills Coordinator
Fielding Skills Coordinator
Game Play Skills Coordinator

Little League Team Interleague Liaison

Community Affairs and Liaison
High School Liaison (AD and coaches)
Elementary/Middle School Liaison (communications and fields)

Reporter and Newspaper Liaison
Ken-Caryl Tournament Team Liaison
Ken-Caryl Little League Alumni Liaison

Equipment Manager (inventory control)

Scheduling Manager

Field Manager (supplies and preparation)

All Star Program Director


Fund Raising

Emeritus Advisors

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Considering Your 2015 Baseball Options?


Considering Your 2015 Baseball Options

It's that time of year already.  The time of year when you begin to thing about NEXT year. The time of year when you begin to explore your options regarding spring baseball.
As you consider your options, let me tell you a little about Ken-Caryl Little League (KCLL).
KCLL is a Little League program, charted as a Little League organization, plays by Little League rules, and supports Little League values. We have a lot of fun playing the game of baseball. We believe baseball is a good way to build character, courage, and loyalty. And we understand that we are part of a community. That's why KCLL has invested tens of thousands of dollars improving area baseball fields. We practice hard and play a competitive game. However, we do not believe that winning is the primary goal. Rather, we recognize that winning and losing are part of playing the game of baseball. Both serve to improve the individual.
Our Spring registration opens in November.  Our season will start in March.  We will run our assessment in late February.  Everyone that registers will be put on to a team. We may adjust the team level for specific skills of players. However, in general, ages for our program aligns to T-Ball for 5-6, Coach Pitch for 6-7, AA for 7-9, AAA for 9-11, Majors for 10-12, and Seniors for 12-13.

Our Little League program runs intra league games. We separate our players in to teams and play games against each other, maintaining standings, and then run a playoffs to crown a champion at the end of the season in late June.
Cost for the Spring Registration be around $250 (last year registration was $235 and next year will likely have a modest increase). There are very few extra costs involved beyond personal equipment. There is very little travel as all practices and games are played in and around the Ken-Caryl area. Most of our schedule is centered around Community Park near the corner of Chatfield Road and Kipling Street.

Our players have access to an optional ADDITIONAL program that is called the Ken-Caryl Tournament Teams (KCTT).
KCTT rosters will be selected in February. KCTT is for players that ALSO want to play in tournaments and non Little League games. KCTT has extra cost and time requirements. Tournaments often require some travel time. There will be no cost to register for KCTT and you will only incur expenses if you are selected to join a KCTT roster. Each KCTT team is managed by the individual coach. Practice time, funding, and general organization are provided team-by-team. Want insight from a current KCTT coach?  Click here for a summary of how a season of KCTT works.
KCLL isn't the best choice for everyone. But if you are looking for a high value experience that isn't just about baseball, we hope that you will consider KCLL for your son or daughter.
If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to call, text, or email me.
Thank you for your support of Ken-Caryl Little League.
Tom Newman
President, Ken-Caryl Little League
(303) 619-9810

by posted 10/20/2014
KCTT: What does it take?

The following information was provided by one of the current KCTT coaches. 

In general, a KCTT roster will have the following general game plan:
November/December - KCLL Winter Program
February/March - practice 2x per week, weather permitting 
April/May/June - practice 1x per week on Sundays
Aug-Oct - KCLL Fall Ball
1 tournament in March
1 tournament in April
2 tournament in May
1 tournament in June 

What tournaments do you play in?

5 common tournaments that are often made to fit the KCLL schedule are: Luck of the Irish, Cinco de Mayo, Spring Blast (all CABA tournaments) plus the CABA state championship and the Triple Crown Memorial Day Classic.
Tournaments run every weekend from about mid March through June, with some in July. There's no shortage. Triple Crown and USSSA tournaments are typically more competitive while CABA tournaments are slightly less competitive (based on the skills of the registered teams). 
Tournament schedules can be found on the respective websites for Triple Crown, Rocky Mountain USSSA, and CABA. The coach will use the respective websites to register the TEAM for their tournaments. Each family will need to register the individual player online with the organization.
The expense of practice facilities and the amount spent on tournaments is variable depending on the scope of the Tournament Team season.
Many of costs will be offset with fundraising.
The Bottom Line
One thing new coaches and parents really need to understand about KCTT and tournaments is that this isn't Little's no mercy - "sweep the leg" kind of baseball. When you have pitching limits, it's in your best interest to finish games early (run rule your opponents).
It's "full baseball" rules with lead offs, stealing, dropped third strikes, and aggressive tactics. This is stuff that MUST be practiced or a team will get beat badly in the tournaments.
Tournament weekends are dedicated to baseball. If a team commits to a tournament, everyone needs to block that weekend off their schedule and allocate their full time to the tournament.


So, what do you get for the expense and time? The certainty is that you will purchase humility for the game of baseball. You'll participate with much higher competition, which will force everyone to "raise their game." And, hopefully, you'll get to learn a lot more about the game of baseball and the demands of playing a game at the higher levels. 


(SPECIAL THANKS to Kele Evans who provided the content for this "What does it take?" article.)

by posted 09/26/2014
District Tournament Results


The KCLL Majors All-Stars lost a heartbreaker 11-10 to the Academy All-Stars on Sunday. Given the cruel twist of fate delivered by a world class Monsoon in Colorado Springs on Saturday, this game became the de facto championship round and it was worthy of the title. KCLL jumped out to an early lead that built to a 7-4 advantage half way through the contest. Academy battled back to take a 10-7 lead heading into the 6th inning. Your KCLL All-Stars dug deep within themselves to tie the game in the top half the inning only to see it slip away in the bottom half of the inning. Academy left the field victorious and headed to the State Tournament, but not without growing a healthy respect for the worthy competitors they narrowly escaped. KCLL was the only District Team to survive 6 innings against Academy, with all their other opponents losing by at least 10 runs each game. Were it not for the cruel inches between success and failure that define the essence of the game of baseball, the KCLL All-Stars may have been the ones headed to the State Tournament this weekend.

Your KCLL all-stars represented their league and community with class and dignity beyond their years.

The KCLL 9-10s lost a tough one against Cherry Creek (who went on to win the District title).  In their next game (on July 15), the team lost a good game against Academy.



The KCLL Majors game against Academy was rained out. The game has been moved to Sunday at Mission Viejo Fields in Aurora and is set for a 10:00a start. Come out and support the team!!  NOTE: The loser of this game will play at 12:30p against Cherry Creek. The championship bracket will be defined today!

The 9/10 KCLL All Star team took on High Plains Little League and captured a 13-3 win in four innings. Daniel Blatter and Drew Lawler pitched two innings each for the victory.  The bats were working for the 9/10's with Carl Dixon hitting an RBI triple while Alex Leifheit hit a two RBI single to seal the victory.  NEXT UP: Cherry Creek on Sunday at 3p at Mission Viejo field in Aurora.



Round 2 and the KCLL Majors move on to the semi-final round with a 13-3 win over Arapahoe. Breckin Holmberg hit a home run and Drew Lytle got a walk-off hit in the 4th as the team invoked the 10-run rule. Jared Sharpe and Breckin Holmberg again pitched 2 innings each to complete the win.

For the 10-11's, Academy worked their way to an 8-0 lead before KCLL scored three runs in the bottom of the 6th. It was a hard fought effort but KCLL came up short and was eliminated from the tournament. There was an outstanding play at second base by Thomas Hartman who turned an unassisted double play in the first inning and an inning ending diving catch in the third. Thomas was our Most Outstanding Player of the tournament given his great play in defense and also at the plate. All the boys played with courage. WELL DONE KCLL 10-11's!!!



On a wet July 7th, The KCLL Majors beat Dry Creek 15-0, ending the game in 4 innings. Everyone played great to achieve the full team effort victory! Joseph Bailey hit 2 home runs and Nathan Bailey added one of his own. On the mound, Breckin Holmberg and Jared Sharpe each pitched 2 innings for the combined shut out.


Up at the Arapahoe LL field, the 10-11 All Stars jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the 2nd inning against the team from Colorado Springs. After surrendering 3 runs in the bottom of the 2nd, they fought back in 4th, taking a 5-3. However, the strong hitting Springs team scored 5 unanswered runs and took the game with a final score of 8-5. Carter Dart had an RBI single, while Mason Sauter had a two run triple. The team received great pitching from Carter Dart, Jake Gensemer and Zane Smith.

by posted 07/08/2014
KC Tournament Teams Start Season Strong

KC Devils and their SIlver Medals

Ken-Caryl Little League wishes to give a big "Hum Babe!" shout out to the KC Tournament Teams. This past weekend KCTT entered 6 teams in the Luck O' Irish tournament across all divisions. This was KCTT's largest number of teams ever participating in tournament play.  The 11AA KC Devils took second place as the top KCTT finish; but all the teams turned in impressive performances.  You can read more about the KC Devils below.


GOLDEN, May 17, 2014 - The Ken Caryl Devils' 2014 tournament season got off to a strong start at the CABA Luck of the Irish tournament this past weekend.  The Devils' bats were hot, scorching the competition for 52 runs en route to an undefeated record (3-0-1) through four pool games on Saturday and Sunday.  Lights out hitting by Seth Beals, Jake Gensemer, and Thomas Hartman (batting .818, .778, and .724, respectively during pool play), helped fueled the team's success.  Drew Lytle, Luke Schoon, and Cooper Stack also lit a fire at the plate—each hit .500+ for the tournament.  

Game #1 vs the Raptors was never in doubt--a 20-4 blowout in 3 innings sparked by bats en fuego, plate patience (a perfect 1.0 OBP for Beals, Gensemer, Inez Gonzalez, Levi Schlomer, Schoon, and Stack), and flame throwing by the duo of Carter Dart and Lytle, who combined to surrender just 4 hits for the game.  Game #2 vs. the Golden Grizzlies was a tug-of-war with Nick Garcia anchoring the Devils’ rope from the mound for two innings, then Gensemer, who closed the game out for a 10-6 victory.  Game #3 vs the Rocky Mountain Colts was a nail-biter with some unusual twists—the game ended in a 9-9 tie (due to tournament time constraints), and the final run scored on a surprising and wacky steal of home. Game #4 was a 13-5 drubbing of the Sandlot Bees with Hartman and Beals taking turns on the mound for another 4 hitter, and with Stack, Brock Miller, Beals, Hartman, Gensemer, and Lytle all pounding out multiple hits. 

The Devils came up short in the championship game on Sunday, but when the players were asked how they felt about their championship loss (a.k.a. runners-up achievement!), their KCLL character shone through.  Their responses did not resonate with the frustration and agony of defeat—that game was already in the rear view mirror.  The most common player comment after losing the championship game: "When do we play our next game?" 
Fortunately, we were able to tell them all that KCLL opening day is right around the corner--April 5th!
From Left to Right: Levi Schlomer, Cooper Stack, Thomas Hartman, Seth Beals, Luke Schoon, Inez Gonzales, Jake Gensemer, Carter Dart, Brock Miller, Drew Lytle

Not pictured: Nick Garcia, Coach Thom Hartman, Coach Greg Garcia, Coach Dan Miller, Coach Russ Gensemer 


by posted 03/20/2014
The Science of Little League

It ain't as easy as it looks!

Being a Little Leaguer is not easy. The science proves it.  So the next time you feel like yelling out to your kid because he struck out or walked a batter with bases loaded, remember that it is harder to be a Little Leaguer than a Pro! Check this video out:


by posted 04/19/2012